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Visions and Dreams:

Are They Communication from God, Or Just Us? 

(first printing)


Could your dreams be messages from God?  Are visions true divine experiences or perhaps just hallucinations or delusions?  Is there scientific or anthropological proof that divine visions and dreams are real phenomena and occur today as they are believed to have occurred in biblical times?

Take a journey across time, Abrahamic religions, and cultures to explore the possible answers to these questions and many others.  Visions and Dreams: Are They Communication from God or Just Us presents many possibilities through careful and exhaustive research that includes factual and obscure archived information from sacred texts, historical accounts, scientific journals, biographical accounts, theological writings, western literature, and religious philosophies.

...from the pen of KEN POWE,
  • Author

  • Recording Artist & Producer

  • Internationally Performing Pianist

  • Business Expert

  • English Professor

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