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Jogging My Memories: What Dreams of Being Chased Mean

You’re running from a figure we can’t quite distinguish. You’re filled with fear, and you can feel your sweat dripping from your forehead. You don’t know why you’re running from this person. All you know is that you need to escape - and fast. Then all of a sudden, everything goes black; you open your eyes and wake up to see your room realizing that the frantic chase was all just a dream.

What do dreams of being chased mean?

Many people have been studying what dreams mean. Sometimes, dreams may be a way to communicate with a Creator, like in the book, Visions and Dreams by Ken. Many also believe that dreams often reveal hidden desires of your subconscious or tell us something about how we feel about a particular scenario we have recently experienced. Because of this, there are many theories as to what dreams could mean and why you have them.

Many people experience dreams of being chased. Various people of different age groups often have this dream, but it is more common in young people, especially children. Being chased often depicts that you are or were recently in a stressful situation. Since dreams often reflect something that may have happened during the day, something you experienced that day may likely have triggered your dream.

Does it matter if this is a recurring dream?

It is good if you have had this dream only once and can pinpoint what stressful situation could have caused this dream, such as watching a horror or thriller movie right before bed or recently being mugged. This means that you are less likely to have this dream again.

However, suppose this dream has repeatedly haunted you in your dreams. In that case, it may indicate that you are anxious about something, undergoing an immense amount of stress, worried about something that might happen, or overwhelmed with tasks. Because of this, addressing your current issues will often help resolve and prevent the dream from happening again.

Does the person/animal chasing you mean something?

However, one thing is notable about dreams of being chased that are often different from the other dreams you may have. Dreams about being chased often vary in meaning depending on who is chasing you.

1. Specific Person

If you can identify the person chasing you, it may mean some stressful situations linked to that person. Maybe it is someone you fear, like a boss or a parent, but it could also be someone who often gives you feelings of stress like a past lover or irritating landlord.

However, remember that substitutions often happen in dreams, so just because you dream of a person doesn’t mean you fear that person but the associations that may be linked to that person. For example, if you dreamt of a teacher chasing you, it may not mean that you are fearful of that specific teacher; you may be more afraid of a test you are having that day or the subject or discussion you may be currently having under her subject.

2. Monster or animal

A monster or animal chasing you may often mean that you are afraid or stressed over a situation, addiction, debt, lie, or indiscretion. Most of the time, this could also mean that you have something hanging on your conscience and feel guilty for something you recently did.

A monster or animal in your dreams could also imply that you feel betrayed by someone or feel like the “universe” has been ganging up on you to fail or experience some pain.

3. Unidentified person

An unidentified person chasing you may mean that you feel stressed over someone that you believe will betray you in the future. It tells you that someone is disrupting your life, and it often means that you feel like something or someone may be destroying your life.

However, suppose the unidentified person is not viewed as “scary” but more mysterious. In that case, it may indicate that you have an experience in your childhood that may be traumatic, and you feel like it is “coming back to get you.”

4. Member of the gender you are attracted to

Most of the time, this may mean that you are in a relationship with someone that is stressing you out or feel like a past relationship haunts you. Moreover, if a dream like this were to be more frequent, it may indicate that you are also “running away” from your feelings about someone or are afraid of falling in love.

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Dec 27, 2022

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